Weight Loss and Testosterone Therapy for Men in Indianapolis

Hypogonadism is a condition associated with men where by the level of male hormone called testosterone is in deficiency.  It is natural that as men age, the level of the hormone testosterone starts to decrease.  Hormonal imbalances have proven to be the primary causes of most chronic health challenges.  Modern men want to live longer and enjoy their active lives to the fullest.  There is therefore an urgent need to relief men from the nagging symptoms of hormonal imbalance.

Erectile dysfunction is among the major symptoms low levels of testosterone in men.  It is a condition men can never be comfortable with.  It is the inability to sustain an erection long enough for a satisfying sexual intercourse or not able to erect at all.  Low libido is another one that is closely associated to erectile dysfunction.  A victim completely loses the desire for sex.  With hormonal imbalance weight gain will also begin.  Characteristically the weight will continue to increase despite the fact that you do extensive physical exercise.  Read https://www.reference.com/health/weight-loss-point-system-works-7f715ea61e217d8f to know more about weight loss.

More seriously you can start losing hair.  This symptom has a direct relationship with male hormones.  Some people can experience urinary problems.  The inconsistency in urination is directly related to loss of control in the bladder.  The other condition is hot male flashes.  They are similar to ones experienced by women.  They are intense feelings of abrupt warmth on the upper part of the thorax up to the face.  The other symptoms associated with low levels of testosterone include loss of muscles , lack of sleep and loud snoring which affects the pattern of sleeping, breasts becoming large, lack of patience and inability of tame your anger and depression.

There is however good news.   Like for women, men too can undergo testosterone therapy programs.  You can get your spark back.  You have an option to administer the therapy yourself.  Two methods are available.

The first one is testosterone injection.  The injection allows a very small dosage of testosterone to the tissues of the muscle and then pooled to produce a steady flow into the blood stream.  Most people prefer this option since it is easy to complete owing to the fact that it is done two times a week. For men that fear needles can opt for testosterone creams.After one week you will start to experience the results of the testosterone replacement therapy for men indianapolis in and lead a better quality of life.